Residents Stories


Nicky is a resident at Greensleeves

I love Eastbourne Mencap because I am very sociable, and I like to meet new people, and being part of Mencap helps me to do that.

My favourite hobbies are bowling, music, especially Abba, playing dominoes and completing puzzles.

I also love to visit the zoo to see the animals.

My favourite food is a difficult one, as I enjoy all food! Although I think I love fish and chips the best!!


Natalie is a resident at Sedgemoor & Framley

I really like playing pool at The Hive of Activity, and I love joining in the music group. My favourite hobby is listening to music and dancing.

Hot dog sausages are my favourite food. I like them barbequed with onions and tomato sauce! This makes me very happy!


Christina is a resident a Sedgemoor & Framley

I love Eastbourne Mencap because they have a great Christmas party with lots of music and dancing!

My hobby is fashion. I love to go shopping and like looking at fashion magazines.

Italian food is what I really like to eat – I love pasta and cheese sauce!!